The Birthing of the Ministry

Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre was birthed on August 13, 1995. Apostle Dr. Allan Isaac and his family returned from Antigua where they had lived for four years. He returned with a vision burning on the inside of him.


He began to lay the necessary groundwork for the ministry; putting into writing the Vision, Statement of Faith, Mission and goals. The inspiration for the ministry’s name came from John 7:37-39, “out of his belly shall flow ‘rivers of living water’…” to which he added ‘Centre’ – a place of training, fellowship, worship and impartation.


The church began meeting in the living room of the Isaac’s home at Shadwell Gardens, Basseterre. The first Sunday service was held at ten o’clock with Apostle Allan Isaac as the Senior elder and Oversee, his wife Debbie Isaac as his Associate and worship leader, and their five children as the congregation.


The first series of messages preached by Apostle Isaac centered on the theme of “Being Faithful”. The family sometimes felt discouraged but Apostle Isaac continued to encourage them to ‘be faithful’.

A Ministry on the Move

The Lord led the family to move outside into the garage to hold services. At first they felt intimidated by the ridicule and curious stares of passers-by and they longed to have persons visit them. However, the Apostle reiterated, “be faithful”. Those pioneering days were days when every step demanded faith. Eventually they received a visit from Pastor Lloyd and Olga Bisnauth, Teena Smith and Ayanna Solomon, which encouraged their hearts greatly.


“Speaking the Word of Faith” was the theme of the sermon that resulted in the expansion of the ministry. In the same message Apostle Isaac prophesied that the garage would be filled with people. He used a dried mango seed to illustrate, saying, “this seed has great potential, inside of it are many other seeds.” Fulfillment of this prophecy came shortly afterwards when the congregation grew and people spilled onto the veranda and into the street.


Unfortunately, not everyone rejoiced at the fulfillment of this prophecy. Some neighbours complained that they were being disturbed by the noise and made a report to the police who investigated the matter. Eventually the Lord directed Apostle Isaac to new premises – the Lower Red Cross Building situated on Horsford’s Road, Basseterre.


The ministry continued to expand and soon outgrew the Lower Red Cross Building and was relocated to the Lady Arrindell Convention Centre, a two-story building owned by the Red Cross, and located on the same premises. As the congregation grew, this building became too small. To remedy this problem, on the 31st March 1997 an eight am service was inaugurated. This was in addition to the ten am and six pm services. Soon after a youth service – “Generation Next Explosion”, held at two o’clock in the afternoon was added to the Sunday programme.


Dr. John Tetsola, a visiting minister from New York, prophesied during one of his visits, “You will move once more, and then move into your own building.” In November 1999, the church moved into a building formerly used as a supermarket at Paul Southwell Industrial Site. Moving by faith Apostle Isaac purchased a steel frame building in 2002. Two years later God rewarded that faith when Rivers acquired land and broke ground for their very own sanctuary. Construction of the building started in March of 2004 and was undertaken by Stephen & Associates Building Contractors with significant assistance from the Elders and Partners of the Ministry. The building was dedicated on October 10, 2004. It now houses the offices of Rivers and World Impact Bible Institute, a seven hundred seat air conditioned sanctuary, kitchens, conference rooms, and Dunamis Christian Supplies.