We will stick to the path God has mapped out for us.

We will strategize for the strengthening of the family unit.

We will strongly and consistently position ourselves in the face of God and seek to manifest his glory to the world.

We will consolidate our commitment to run with the vision that God has given us.

We will maintain an inviting atmosphere for the presence of God to reside with us.

We will fully utilize the word of God to activate the process of increase and multiplication in our lives.

We will pursue and prioritize the purpose of God in rescuing the lost souls.

We will give generously of ourselves and our resources to advance His cause in the nations.

We will access every available resource to enable us to become more established in the kingdom of God.

We will bring discipline our to individual lives by discovering and activating.
God’s purpose to live for (mission)
God’s people to live with (partnership)
God’s principles to live by (maturity)
God’s profession to live out (ministry)
God’s power to live on (magnify)

We will maintain a teachable spirit and be ready to pass on to others the things we have received and learned.

We will fully involve ourselves in the things that are extremely important to God.